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Adult Martial Arts Classes

Learn Martial Arts & Self-Defense from the best in the Texas!

 We offer beginner-to-advanced Martial Arts classes for men, women, and children. No experience necessary! Get started with our exclusive online offer. 


Monday thru Friday evenings at 7:15 PM


Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Overview of Close Combat Ground Control

· Assessing threats

· Ranging targets and escapes

· Executing Close Combat

Throws & Take Downs

Chokes and Holds

 Ground Fighting

Nonlethal Techniques


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Tae Kwon Do + Muay Thai

 Realize that self-discipline is the key to achieving all of your most important life goals. At DWCMAP you’ll learn how to control your mind, and focus your concentration, so that pushing yourself beyond mental barriers becomes effortless. This ability is also key to reducing stress and its negative effects on your health.

We teach the principles and fundamentals of Close Combat,  Punching & Kicking Techniques, Hand-held Weapons, Knee and elbow strikes.


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Modern Krav Maga + Combat Hapkido

DWCMAP trains individuals how to execute unarmed and armed techniques, in close proximity to another individual, across a spectrum of violence within a continuum of force. Unarmed techniques include hand-to-hand combat and defense against handheld weapons. Armed techniques include techniques applied with table of organization weapons, edged weapons or weapons of opportunity.

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Wing Chun + Boxing

 The benefits of martial arts training are innumerable. Imagine having the ability to defend yourself or your loved ones in almost any situation you can think of. What kind of self-confidence do you think you would have with that kind of skill? Imagine being able to reach a level of physical fitness you never thought possible, with above average strength, leanness, flexibility, and endurance. Now imagine being able to easily maintain that level of fitness month after month, year after year.  


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Learn to neutralize threats of violence and enforce boundaries with effective self defense

 Find out why so many people turn to us for their Self Defense training.

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Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

 In any engagement, these ranges can rapidly transition from one to another and then back again until the aggressor is defeated or the situation is handled.  


At close range, the distance between combatants is such that they can grab a hold of each other and may involve elbow and knee strikes and grappling. 


The essence of kickboxing is that it is a stand-up fighting style. This is to say that it focuses on striking and there is no ground fighting involved. The range of techniques depends on the individual type of kickboxing style. Other than standard punching techniques similar to western boxing, kickboxing techniques typically include kicks and knee strikes. Some kickboxing styles involve elbow strikes, some grappling and even headbutts.

Modern kickboxing sports as seen on K-1, Glory or One Championship adopt a very similar set of rules allowing punches, kicks, with limited grappling/clinching.

Modern Krav Maga

The most effective, real world, self-defense system that was originally developed for the Israeli military and is now the preferred system for U.S. military units and law enforcement agencies. It is a hand-to-hand combat system based on simple principles and instinctive movements designed to teach you how to survive real-world attacks. 

Tae Kwon Do

 We teach a variety of Ranging techniques. There are three ranges in which close combat engagements can take place: long-rangemid-range, and close range.  


 At long -mid-range, the distance between combatants is such that they can engage each other with kicks, or leg sweeps. 

Combat Hapkido

 The techniques Of DWCMAP vary in degrees of lethality, allowing the user to select the most appropriate (usually the least) amount of force. For example, an individual is facing a nonviolent but non compliant subject, can use an unarmed restraint to force compliance with minimal damage and pain. 

Wing Chun

 Wing Chun a concept-based Chinese martial art and form of self-defense utilizing both striking and “sticking” or controlling while specializing in close-range combat. It is a relatively young martial art, with most historians agreeing that it developed in southern China approximately 300 years ago in the Ming Empire during the Qing Dynasty. 

We train to never stop fighting until the threat is disabled

DWCMAP mixed martial arts school trains individuals how to execute unarmed and armed techniques, in close proximity to another individual, across a spectrum of violence within a force. Unarmed techniques include hand-to-hand combat and defense against handheld weapons. Armed techniques include edged weapons or weapons 


Get Started - Our system of Martial Arts training is a great way to learn Real - World self-defense

 Whether you want to compete in the cage, learn to fight, gain self-confidence, get into incredible shape, or just have fun, DWCMAP's Adult Martial Arts classes are perfect for whatever your reason. 

We start at the beginning

 Our Mixed Martial Arts students learn the arts of  Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Krav Maga, Wrestling, Combat Hapkido, Wing Chun, Tae Kwon do, Western Boxing, and our core striking art of  Kickboxing and Muay Thai. When you train at our School you can rest assure that the skills you are learning are second to none. 

Real MMA

 We teach the most comprehensive MMA classes in Granbury. We’re geared towards beginners who want to learn MMA, as well as experienced fighters looking for advanced training. So if you’re just starting out, don’t be intimidated. Many fighters started here with no experience and we coached them every step of the way. We’ll do the same for you if you have the desire and determination. 

How it works

 Our MMA classes focus on the building blocks of Mixed Martial Arts. Even if you don’t plan to compete, these MMA classes are great for learning to fight while getting into shape. And for those who do plan to compete, we’ll create a specific training plan for you to maximize your progression. Once you’ve mastered the fundamentals, you’ll be invited to Team training. That’s where the fun really begins. 

What to expect

 Once you’re ready to start your MMA training with our team, your development and progress will really take off. 

Besides continuing to improve your skills in all the other programs we offer, you’ll receive advanced MMA skillsets including specialized Striking and Grappling instruction, while getting to train alongside some amazing athletes.

Start today!

 Our MMA class is one of the most successful in the area, as well as the rest of Texas,  So if you’re already a fighter and want to get started training here, just try a free class and come on in.  


Beginner-to-advanced Mixed Martial Arts. No experience necessary! 

Sign up today for one of our free trial class. 



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